Installation Services

Installing Asphalt Shingles

Installing 3 tab (20 year) and laminate (30 year / architectural) shingles comprise the core of our business. These shingles represent the vast majority of roofs in Texas. We compliment the installation with new felt, new metal in the valleys and if requested new attic venting with each new roof. We use quality shingles from GAF (, Tamko ( and other manufactures.

We prefer to use new lead jacks and we hand nail all of the shingles on your roof. We re-flash all walls, chimneys and any skylights.

We prefer to use Storm Guard around all chimney(s), skylights and in any high risk areas to reduce the likelihood of water leaks.

All exposed nails are coated with specific roofing caulk to last many years.

All pipes are painted to match the roof shingles and reduce rusting.

Installing Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles

A new breed of shingles has come out since 2000. They utilize new technologies to help shingles handle being struck by hail without causing major shingle damage. The insurance industry welcomed these shingles by providing owners a substantial annual discount on their home owner insurance premiums in the 28% to 32% range. The price of these shingles has stayed relatively flat over the years and now the payback time for an investment in these shingles is as low as two years.

These shingles should be considered as an investment if you plan to stay in your home for many years to come.

Improving Attic Ventilation

As part of the installation of a new roof, we review your attic ventilation. In Texas, we have very hot summer months. It is critical to allow the hot air to escape from the attic. When the hot air is trapped, it causes premature wear of your roof shingles as well as your air conditioning unit(s). As a result, you pay higher electricity bills and in the long run you must replace your roof and air conditioner unit(s) sooner than necessary. Trapped moisture can also increase the likelihood of mold issues. There are two components of attic ventilation. Intake, which is generally gable and soffit vents. Exhaust, which is generally wind turbines, ridge vent and power vents. The target is for the attic intake to be at least double the size of the attic exhaust.

Building and Installing Custom Chimney Caps

Chimney Repair Service in Murphy, TX

We have customers that had animals living in their chimneys, from birds and squirrels to raccoons. Many have water seeping down their chimneys. This water can get trapped in the bricks. In freezing temperatures this is a recipe for the destruction of your chimney that can cause thousands of dollars in damages. These customers have asked us to install custom chimney caps that prevent water and animals from entering the chimney. They also reduce the likelihood of larger ashes damaging your roof when you build a fire. These chimney caps look great and last a long time too.

Skylight Repair

Skylight Repair in Murphy, TX

Skylights can be damaged by many things such as hail, fallen tree limbs, wind driven debris, the sun and age. We measure your skylight, determine the style and educate you on your options. Once a decision is made which style to move forward with, the skylight domes are made and installed. There are current generation skylights that are much better insulated which will save you money on your cooling and heating costs.

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