Our Standards

We offer a 3 year, a 7 year and a Limited Lifetime Workmanship Warranty on all of our new roof installation work. This is possible due to our high roofing standards that include the following:

Lead Jacks

The majority of home builders and roofing contractors use rubber pipe jacks to cover the vent pipes on the roof of your home. This flashing contains plastic, rubber or both. Both of these materials do not hold up well in the hot Texas sun over time. As they age they do not tolerate relatively small hail hits or any movement in the pipes. As a result, they crack which allow water leaks to occur before the roof’s life is over. In most cases, after five years this rubber is cracked. At Aegis Quality Services, we prefer to use lead jacks around our vent pipes that will easily outlive your roof. This removes another potential for roof leaks and the extra cost is well worth the investment with a dependable roof that does not leak water into your home.

GAF Storm Guard

This product has proven to provide exceptional rain water protection in high risk areas of your roof such as chimney's and skylights. We always use this product in those high risk areas to reduce the likelihood of leaks.

Starter Shingles

This is the first shingle installed on the outer parameter of your roof, it holds down the first shingle at the edge of the roof. Most companies use 20 year shingles flipped around as the starter shingle, the tar strip is in the middle of the shingle. This is over 5 inches from the edge of the shingle. The starter shingle that AQS prefers are more expensive but these specially designed shingles have the tar strip on the edge. This locks down the first shingle at the edge of the roof, not 5 inches away. This makes a big difference in high winds of greater than 60 miles per hour. Once the first shingle pops up, the others will be more likely to follow. This can be a factor in keeping your roof functioning well when our thunderstorms with high gusts of wind hit our area.

New Felt Paper

When our crews strip the roof we may be able to salvage all or most of the felt paper on the roof. Many roofing contractors will not apply new felt over the roof if the old felt is intact. The felt is the backup water barrier for your roof. If a shingle leaks the felt can reduce the possibility there is no water leaking into your home. AQS always installs new felt whether the old felt is intact or not. More water barrier protection is better.

Checking all external vent pipes

Roofing causes vibration throughout the home. If the vents are not properly attached with metal tape, as many are not, the vibration can loosen pipes coming through the attic onto the roof. We will ask you to allow us in your attic and water heater area to insure these pipes are connected before we complete the job. This is especially important for exhaust vents for natural gas water heaters and home heaters. Exhaust leaks from natural gas water/home heaters can cause carbon monoxide leaks into your home. We validate these pipes are connected and working as designed.

Clean as we go

We do our best to clean up as we install the new roof. That means the mess is kept to a minimum. After the job is complete, we run a magnet over your yard to pick up nails. Then we walk it to see if we need to run the magnet again.
We pride ourselves on a clean job each and every time.

7/8” (short) Nails

Many home builders incorrectly place the air conditioning freon line next to the roof decking. Of course this is not a good place for your cooling lines to be, close to the hottest part of your home, but it does happen (a lot). When we roof your home we use shorter 7/8” nails in that area to reduce the possibility of hitting that line and causing air conditioner problems.

All Exposed Nails are Caulked

Many roofing contractors do not use caulk, or use the wrong type of caulk, on exposed nails. Exposed nails rust and eventually began to leak water into you home as they shrink in size. AQS uses the best roofing caulk products on the market, on all exposed nails. To do anything less is unacceptable.

Painting all pipes

Not only does it look good but it can slow down the rusting process of the metal on your roof.

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