Home Owners Insurance

Your insurance company’s primary goals are to receive an insurance premium and try to keep their pay outs to a minimum. As such, there can be conflicts in dealing with them. It is in your best interest to involve your roofer as early as possible when roof damage may have occurred.

If your roofer is called after a wind or hail storm, they can determine if the insurance company needs to be called out. Your roofer can then be present when the initial inspection occurs. It is easier to get a fair claim with your insurance adjuster when a professional roofer is there.

It is best not to contact the insurance company if there is no damage to your home. Once you call them, an insurance claim is filed. Once you reach three claims in the three year window, you can be labeled High Risk. Many insurance companies will then drop you and obtaining new insurance could be very expensive since they all share your claim history on a common database. You can avoid this by involving Aegis Quality Services as the first step in the process. Only if there is damage will we suggest a claim should be filed. We offer this as a free service to our customers.

In larger storms there can be thousands of new adjusters brought in, many of whom have no or little experience with storm damage. We can provide a valuable service in representing our customer with the insurance adjusters. If anything on your claim is inaccurate or missing, we can help to resolve that with your insurance company. With your approval, we can work directly with your insurance company. These services are free.

We use the same software as the majority of insurance companies to calculate the costs of your damages. Let us help you get what you have paid for with your insurance premiums.

We can help you reduce your stress when working with your insurance company.

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