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Carrollton, TX Roofing Contractor

Aegis Quality Services has been supplying roofing and remodeling services in the Carrollton, TX area since two thousand and three. In our roofing services, we offer new and replacement roofing, roofing repair, ventilation improvements in the attic, new rain gutter installation, custom chimney cap installation, and skylight installation and repair. In our remodeling services we can enhance, living areas, kitchen remodeling, patios, living areas and room additions.

Roofing Repair Services Carrollton, TX

Many homeowners will experience a roof leak on their home that will trigger water damage. Many roof leaks can be simply mended to lessen likely damage. We are experts at leak repair and detection.

When money is tight, it’s vital to stretch each dollar as far as possible. The right roof repair will lengthen the life of a roof.

In addition, we offer the following repair services:
• Attic ventilation services
• Skylight dome replacement
• Critter damage
We will help by furnishing repair services to resolve your roof issues.

Roofing Installation Services Carrollton, TX

Installing Asphalt Shingles in Carrollton, TX

Installing 3 tab (20 year) and laminate (thirty year / architectural) shingles comprises the core of our business. These shingles serve as the vast majority of roofing materials throughout Texas. We compliment the installation with new felt, new metal valleys and if requested, new attic venting with each new roof. We use high quality asphalt shingles from GAF (, Tamko ( and other manufacturers.

We like to utilized brand new lead jacks and we attach all of the shingles on your roof, by hand. We re-flash all skylighs, walls and chimneyswalls, chimneys and any skylights.

We would rather use Storm Guard around all chimneys, skylights and in any high risk places to diminish the probability of leaking water.

All visible nailheads are covered with a special kind of roofing caulk made to last several years.

All pipes are painted to correspond with the color of roof shingles and stop rusting.

Installing Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles in Carrollton, TX

An improved kind of shingles has been designed since two thousand. They use modern advancements to help shingles accept being struck by hail without creating considerable shingle loss. The insurance industry welcomed these state of the art shingles by furnishing homeowners a generous annual discount on their home owner insurance premiums in the 28-32 percent range. The price of these shingles has continued to stay relatively uniform for many years and now the recoup time for an investment in these types of shingles is as short as 2 years.

These shingles should be weighed as an investment if you intend to reside in your home for many years to come.

Improving Attic Ventilation in Carrollton, TX

As an added feature of the installation of a new roof, we assess your attic ventilation. In Texas, we have incredibly hot summer months. It is important to allow the hot air to get out of the attic. When the hot air gets cut off, it causes early wear and tear of your roof shingles as well as any air conditioning unit(s). Accordingly, you pay larger electricity bills and over time you have to replace your roof and AC sooner than necessary. Cut off moisture will also raise the likelihood of mold . There are 2 parts to of attic ventilation. Intake, which usually consist of gable and soffit vents. Exhaust, which usually consist of wind turbines, ridge vent and power vents. The goal is for the attic intake to be at least twice the size of the attic outlet.

Building and Installing Custom Chimney Caps in Carrollton, TX

We have customers that have had creatures setting up home in their chimneys, from birds and squirrels to raccoons. Many clients have water seeping down their chimneys. This water could get trapped inside the bricks. In freezing temperatures this is a recipe for the destruction of your chimney that will produce thousands of dollars in damages. We will mount customized chimney caps that prevent critters and rainwater from going in the chimney. Chimney caps also reduce the likelihood of bulkier ashes harming your roof when you build a fire. Chimney caps look awesome and last a really long time as well.

Skylight Repair in Carrollton, TX

Skylights could be destroyed by many different things such as hail, fallen tree limbs, wind driven debris, the sun and age. We measure your skylight, ascertain the style and discuss your alternatives. Once you decide, the skylight domes are manufactured and installed. Contemporary skylights are much better insulated than their older editions, saving cash on your heating and cooling bill.

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