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Garland, TX Roofing Contractor

Aegis Quality Services has been providing roofing & remodeling services in the Garland, TX area since two thousand and three. In our roofing services, we furnish replacement/new roofingand repair, attic ventilation improvements, new rain gutter installation, custom chimney cap installation, and the repair and installation of skylights. In our remodeling services we can enhance, add to and improve rooms/patios/ kitchens/living areas.

Roofing Repair Services Garland, TX

Many homeowners will suffer a roof leak on their house that can cause water damage. Many leaking roofs can be simply fixed to minimize damages. We are specialists in leak detection and repair.

When times are tough, it’s imperative to make each and every buck go as far as possible. The correct roof repair will prolong the life of your roof.

In addition, we furnish the following repair services:
• Attic ventilation services
• Skylight dome replacement
• Critter damage
We can assist you by furnishing repair services to determine your roofing issues.

Roofing Installation Services Garland, TX

Installing Asphalt Shingles in Garland, TX

Installing 3 tab (twenty year) and laminate (30 year / architectural) shingles makes up the nucleus of our sales. These shingles represent the greater number of roofing materials used throughout Texas. We begin the installation with new felt, new metal valleys and if requested, new attic venting with each new roof. We use the highest quality shingles from GAF (, Tamko ( and other manufacturers.

We rather utilized brand new lead jacks and we hand nail all of the shingles on your roof. We re-flash all skylighs, walls and chimneyswalls, chimneys and any skylights.

We would rather use Storm Guard around all chimneys, skylights and in any high risk areas to reduce the chances of water leaks.

All exposed nailheads are coated with a specific kind of roofing caulk made to last several years.

All pipes are painted to match the color of roof shingles and stop rusting.

Installing Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles in Garland, TX

A new breed of shingles has been designed since 2000. They utilize modern advancements to help shingles handle being struck by hail without creating considerable shingle loss. The insurance industry applauded these new shingles by furnishing owners a significant yearly reduction on their homeowner’s insurance premiums in the 28-32 percent range. The cost of these shingles has remained relatively uniform for several years and now the payback interval for an investment in these types of shingles is as short as 2 yrs.

These shingles ought to be weighed as an investment if you intend to reside in your current home for several years.

Improving Attic Ventilation in Garland, TX

As an added element of the installation of a new roof, we appraise your attic ventilation. In Texas, we have extremely hot summer months. It is crucial to permit the hot air to get out of the attic. When the hot air gets trapped, it causes premature wear and tear of your roof shingles along with your AC unit(s). Consequently, you pay higher electric bills and after a period of time you need to replace your roof and air conditioner unit(s) sooner than needed. Locked in moisture can additionally raise the possibility of mold . There are 2 components of attic ventilation. Intake, which normally comes from soffit and gable vents. Exhaust, which normally comes from power vents, wind turbines and ridge vents. The target is for the attic inlet to be at least double the size of the attic outlet.

Building and Installing Custom Chimney Caps in Garland, TX

We have many customers that have had wildlife nesting in their chimneys, everything from squirrels and birds to raccoons. Many customers have water dripping down their chimneys. This water could get stuck inside the bricks. When the temperature freezes, this is a recipe for the demolition of your chimney that can bring about thousands of dollars in damage. We will fit specially made chimney caps that stop water and critters from entering the chimney. Custom chimney caps also decrease the possibility of bigger ashes destroying your roof when you build a fire. Chimney caps look awesome and last a really long time as well.

Skylight Repair in Garland, TX

Skylights could be damaged by many things such as hail, fallen tree limbs, wind driven debris, the sun and age. We measure the size of your skylight, determine the type and educate you on your options. Once you make a decision, the skylight domes are manufactured and installed. The current generation of skylights are much better insulated than their former versions, which will save you real dollars on your heating and cooling bill.

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